Light Box Signage

They are manufactured using special pigments to disseminate the light, which allows creative use of the entire illuminated area without sacrificing light transmission. Polygal multi-wall sheets and Plazgal PP polypropylene sheets can be used to build large light box signs that require minimal construction and support because of the light weight, strength and rigidity of the materials.

light box signage with bmw logo

Signs and Letters 3D cutting

These high-quality materials can be cut and shaped easily and retain their color in all weathers. They can be cut with saws or lasers, bored with drills, heat-folded and molded into any shape. PLAZCAST is a cast product which enables you to add special features and produce special orders in large quantities.

sign with 3d letters aqua city

Plastic Sheets for Signage Printing

Plazit-Polygal’s PMMA sheets are ideal for direct signage printing, whether silk-screen printing, digital or attaching printed stickers. They can be used to create advertising boards, branded signage, and internal or external architectural or design projects.

celcom display sign