POS Display and Gallery Stands

Plazcryl and Plazcast sheets made from PMMA are of high optical quality and are available in a wide range of color and thicknesses. They can be used to fabricate many kinds of display stands, large and small, including POS stands, museum and gallery display stands, racks and frames.

gold coin with helicopter on display

Museum and Showroom Design

They are treated with a special surface layer that is designed to reflect strong illumination, making the protective screen almost invisible and giving visitors a clear view of the items on display. At the same time, the items are protected from dust, moisture, UV light and accidental damage.

Exhibit showroom with silver sports car

Exhibition Booth Design

Choose between solid (Plazcryl or Plazcast) or light multi-wall (Polygal) plastic sheets, which can be combined with your lighting and display features to create a dramatic impact. The sheets are easy to bend and cut to size as needed, and we can even create customized colored sheets to match the required corporate color scheme.

Exhibition booth design