commercial greenhouse

Polygal Polymatte™

Multi wall polycarbonate sheets with 100% light diffusion

  • High thermal insulation
  • High light transmission
  • Universal solution – combined with any profiled sheets
  • Ease of installation
  • Span width up to 16′

Agricultural research has shown that both crops with a high plant canopy and ornamental plants with a small canopy and ornamental plants with a small canopy can utilize diffused light better than direct light. 8mm Polygal Polymatte sheets provide 77% light transmission and 100% light diffusion which create optimal light conditions for enhanced plant growth.

Plants create food from light and consequently the light received is very important. Plants exposed to direct light (no diffusion) produce a majority of their food from the top leaves facing the sun. Ultimately, diffused light delivers light to all the leaves where photosynthesis is maximized resulting in greater plant food production. The end result is healthier, fuller plant development and less stress on the upper leaves. Polygal is committed to producing specialty sheets like Polymatte to bring quality and leading edge technology to the consumer.

diagram of evenly distributed sunlight from polymatte sheet

Product Haze Light Transmission U-Factor (W/m2 x °C) Solar Heat Gain Coefficient Shading Coefficient Solar Reflection Solar Transmission
Polymatte Standard 8 mm 100 77 3.3 0.73 0.85 .169 0.7
Clear Standard 8 mm 20 79 3.3 0.74 0.86 0.151 0.681
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