When agriculture is nature-dependent, a love-hate relationship evolves between the farmer and the forces of nature. Although the farmer cannot manage without the forces of nature, they can also destroy everything that the farmer has built. Polygal sheets enable the farmer to enjoy the benefits of nature while also protecting the produce from harmful weather conditions. These 6 to 16 mm thick sheets by Polygal offer a number of advantages – available in different levels of transparency,they are flexible, heat – and weather-resistant, provide insulation, and are easy to install.

Quality of Light for Better Plant Growth

Polygal sheets transmit light better than other greenhouse materials and make a critical difference in crop yields.

Diffuse Light

Polygal sheets diffuse transmitted light – More light reaches the less exposed parts of the plant canopy and improves total growth.

Less Shade

Polygal is the only sheet available in up to 2.1m width and unlimited length. Fewer connecting frames and structural supports mean significantly less shade.
The Best Thermal Insulation for Energy Cost Savings

Designed especially for greenhouses, Polygal’s advanced multi-wall sheets provide the best thermal insulation of any greenhouse covering material.
Polygal Sheets:

  • Save significantly on heating expenses
  • Scale-down heating system requirements
  • Provide lower heat-transfer coefficient

10 – Year Guaranteed Anti-Fog Performance

Polygal’s advanced Anti-Fog coating provides the most effective, long-term protection against condensation drip damage.

  • Less drop formation allows better light transmission
  • Reduces disease and other damage from dripping
  • Anti-Fog coating covered by a 10-Year Warranty

Longer Greenhouse Service Life

Strong and flexible, Polygal sheets are virtually unbreakable and effectively withstand hail and vandalism damage. An advanced UV-protective layer safeguards sheet transparency and mechanical properties, even with exposure to extreme weather conditions. Polygal sheets are backed by a 10-Year Warranty against light transmission reduction, yellowing and hail damage.


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