Polycoolite Structured Sheet

Polycoolite structured sheet is specifically designed to supply plants natural solar light for their photosynthesis needs. Polycoolite blocks the UV, supplies high blue, and red reflects heat from the unused green. It reflects undesirable excess heat from the infrared range.

  • Reduce excess heat, let in photosynthetic light.
  • Eliminates or reduces the need for shading
  • 100% diffusion results in low light intensity and reduced watering
  • Antifog Coating to protect against condensation drip damage.
Technical Specifications:
Weight (lb/ft²) 0.31
Standard Width (inches) 48″ and 72″
Minimum Radius for Cold Bending Arches  4′ 7″
U-Value by ASTM C177 Btu/h•ft²•ºF 0.60
Optical Specifications:
Light Transmission % (ASTM D1003) 50%
Shading Coefficient SC 0.65
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) 0.56
Solar Reflection 0.295
Visible Transmission  0.496
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