Plastic Materials for Glazing

They are unusually strong for plastic sheets, constructed to withstand almost any impact, but at the same time they are light and flexible. They can be bent easily without pre-treatment, making them uniquely suitable for creative glazing projects.

modern office space

Pergolas Veranda and Canopies Covering

Polygal multi-wall sheets are robust enough for walls and ideal for transparent sun lounge roofs and windows. Because they are light and strong, they do not require complex construction techniques – doing it yourself is easy! All Plazit-Polygal sheets are weather-proof and made to last.

table and chairs outside under pergola

DIY – Cut to Size Plastic Sheets

For home improvement projects we offer a choice of solid acrylic Plazcryl sheets, Monogal polycarbonate sheets, or Polygal multi-wall polycarbonate sheets, in different colors and thicknesses, and all of the highest quality. They can all be cut to size, bent and drilled as required, making every DIY project as easy as possible.

modern kitchen with red cabinet faces

Interior Design with Plastic Sheets

Interior designers all over the world use Polygal polycarbonate sheets to create suspended ceilings because they are excellent for light transmission and lightweight. They also create amazing effects with Plazcryl multi-wall acrylic sheets which are strong enough for transparent flooring and many other design features.

blue red and green window panels

Lighting Elements Design

Plazcryl solid acrylic sheets, embossed Plazgal GPPS sheets and Polygal polycarbonate structured sheets can each be used to create exciting and different lighting effects. They are easy to use, light and flexible. They are available in various colors and thicknesses, with different degrees of transparency, and they can be coated with special pigments for optimal light diffusion.

presentation room with tables and chairs