woman with multi colored plastic samples

Assisting designers and building professionals.

Plazit-Polygal’s Technical Support team offers worldwide technical support services and assistance in project planning, including site visits. Technical support can be provided in English, Spanish, French and Russian.

Pre-Sale Advice

The Plazit-Polygal Group provides technical information free of charge to help designers and building professionals to determine the correct products, support systems and general building specifications that they need. For other support services and site visits, prices and payment conditions should be coordinated with the relevant local distributors and agents.

After-Sale Service

The Plazit-Polygal Group can assist customers in assembling and installing our products. To arrange for on-site assistance, contact Plazit-Polygal’s Technical Support department.

Handling Instructions

Plazit Polygal products are generally delivered in 20 foot and 40 foot box containers, protected on both sides by polyethylene sheets to prevent scratching, and secured to prevent damage during transit.

Solid sheets are supplied on packed pallets in standard sheet sizes of 3050 – 2050 millimeters. The maximum multiwall sheet length is 5.8 meters for a 20′ container, and 11.8 meters for a 40′ container. The multiwall sheet ends are sealed with masking tape to prevent dust and insects from entering into the fluting of the sheets.

Shipping of sheets of different lengths should be coordinated in advance with the regional sales manager. It is recommended to unload the containers by hand, using a slanted roller conveyor with adjustable height.

Storage Instructions

Sheets must be stored away from exposure to sunlight and according to the company’s storage guidelines. They should be stored in a dry, dark and well-ventilated area, with no risk of exposure to sunlight, wind, dirt or contact with hard objects that may cause damage. They should be stored on a flat, clean raised surface, and placed on a soft material such as cardboard to prevent damage. Supported, sloped stacking is recommended. If stacked flat, stack to a maximum height of 1 meter.

If stored outdoors, sheets should be covered with an opaque material (cardboard, wood, EPDM sheet, etc.) that provides protection from the sun. Do not store sheets under flexible PVC coverings.

Please note: the outdoor storage of sheets exposed to sunlight will cause the protective polyethylene film to bake onto the sheet, and it will not be possible to remove it!