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6mm Standard

6mm ASTM E84 (2012)                      6mm ASTM D635 (2012)

8mm Standard

8mm ASTM E84 (2012)                      8mm ASTM D635 (2012)  

10mm Standard

10mm ASTM E84 (2012)                    10mm ASTM D635 (2012)

16mm Standard

16mm SG CAN ULC S102.2 (2009)       16mm SG ASTM D1929 (2007)

16mm Titan Sky

16mm Titan Sky ASTM E84 (2012)    16mm Titan Sky ASTM D635 (2012)

16mm RFX

16mm RFX ASTM E84 (2010)            16mm RFX ASTM D635 (2010)

20mm ToPgal

20mm ToPgal ASTM E84 (2013)         20mm ToPgal ASTM D635 (2013)          20mm ToPgal ASTM D2843 (2015)        20mm ToPgal ASTM D1929 (2015)

32mm Thermogal Super

32mm TRMS ASTM E84 (2014)          32mm TRMS ASTM D635 (2014)