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Polygal polycarbonate multi-wall sheets are comprised of two (2) to eleven (11) parallel walls and multiple vertical walls creating what is known as “flutes”. Other terms used are “ribs” & “cells”. Polygal polycarbonate sheets are a homogeneously extruded sheet which means the sheet is not put together with glues and/or adhesives.

More information can be found in our Polygal Multiwall Brochure.



  • Light Weight
  • Easy to Install
  • Excellent Thermal Properties
  • High Impact Ratings
  • Great Flexibility-Cold Formable
  • Allows Natural Daylighting
  • Available in multiple widths and lengths
  1. Polygal Standard– Double and Triple-Wall sheets designed for basic roofing and glazing applications.
  2. Polygal Titan Sky– 5-wall rib structure offers more thermal insulation, rigidity and light diffusion than Polygal Standard.
  3. Polygal Selectogal (RFX) – Exclusive Polygal selection which controls the penetration of solar heat gain and natural light diffusion.
  4. Polygal Thermogal– Our thickest sheet available at 32mm. These sheets offer more thermal insulation, added strength and rigidity.
  5. Polygal Topgal– A Standing Seam Panel designed to offer the best of all sheet products in one system.
  6. Polygal Polymatte– A Polygal Standard panel which offers 100% light diffusion while allowing a high light transmission. The perfect solution for the growers market!
  7. Polygal Hurrigal Storm Panels– Florida High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) approved storm panels.

Check out our Applications page to discover different uses for Polygal Multiwall sheet.

Additionally, you can find Polygal Multiwall sheets used in:

  • Canopies, Awnings & Patio Covers
  • Walkways
  • Commercial, Residential and Hobby Greenhouses
  • Skylights
  • Bus and Bike Shelters
  • Sunrooms, Conservatories or Atriums
  • Pool Enclosures
  • Vertical Glazing
  • Clerestories
  • Interior walls, Office Partitions, Ceilings, Light Fixtures

Polycarbonate Profiles

  • ECP 2G (Easy Clip)- designed for 8mm & 10mm gauges
  • GCP (Gasket Clip) – Newest PC Profile which incorporates integrated co-extruded gaskets. It is designed for 6mm – 10mm gauges
  • HCP (H-Clip) – The “original” 2-piece connection profile. It is designed for a 16mm gauge only.

Aluminum Profiles

  • Mega-Lock- The new and improved (6-16). It’s an economical aluminum connection profile which enhances the integrity of the connection when compared to our PC Profiles. It is designed for 6mm – 16mm gauges.
  • AL 6-35- This profile option offers more strength and edge engagement when compared to Mega-Lock. This is the more advanced glazing solution.

Polygal sheets are made from polycarbonate resin. Polycarbonate is inherently stronger than glass and acrylic and can handle large deflections/deformations without breaking or cracking.

Because our sheets have multiple walls, they offer exceptional U & R values when compared to other light transmitting materials. Our R-Values range from R1.4 – R5.6 depending on the gauge.

a. Polygal Standard

  • 6mm: Clear, Bronze, Ice, Freeze Clear (Hammered)
  • 8mm: Clear, Bronze, Ice, Polymatte (Diffused), Polycoolite (Reflective Green)
  • 10mm: Clear, Bronze, Ice, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange
  • 16mm: Clear, Bronze, Ice

b. Polygal Titan Sky

  • 16mm: Clear, Ice, Primalite (Opalescent)

c. Polygal Selectogal (RFX)

  • 16mm: Clear, Non-Glare Bi-Color (Clear/Ice), Red, Blue

d. Polygal Topgal

  • 20mm: Clear, Bronze, Ice, Blue

e. Polygal Thermogal

  • 32mm Thermogal Super: Clear, Ice

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for special colors is 10 metric tons (22K Lbs). This is the standard rule of thumb. There are times when these special colors are already in production therefore we can piggy-back for a MOQ of 1 metric ton (2.2K Lbs). Please check with our CSR department for more information.

a. Polygal MWPC sheets are available in widths of 47.25”, 48”, 71.25” & 72”.
b. Polygal MWPC sheets are available in lengths of 288” or 432”
c. *Please check with our CSR Department for a more accurate in-stock answer*

a. Polygal can cut both the width and length at a tolerance of +/- .125” but we will charge for the full width and the length to the nearest foot.
b. Special order widths are subject to MOQ’s and can be verified at the time of inquiry. Please contact our CSR Department for more information.

Polygal Sheets have a 10 year non-prorated warranty against yellowing and breakage due to hail.

Polygal Sheet have a 10 year non-prorated warranty on anti-fog coating when applied.


Polycarbonate sheets are considered a Combustible material but are self-extinguishing when the source of the flame has been removed. They have received a Class A fire rating per ASTM E84.

More information can be found in our Fire Testing Documents.

  • Store Polygal MWPC Sheets in a dry, well ventilated area with no exposure to sunlight, wind, dirt or hard objects to prevent damage
  • Store on a flat clean raised surface
  • If outdoors, cover sheets with an opaque material (non-light transmitting product)
  • Do not store sheets under flexible PVC coverings

Please note: the outdoor storage of sheets exposed to sunlight will cause the protective polyethylene film to bake onto the sheet, and it will not be possible to remove it!

  • Wipe sheets with a clean, damp rag or chamois. The use of an anti-static solution like Novus 1 will also clean polycarbonate sheets and helps with resisting fog, dust and the elimination of static.
  • Do not use sponges, squeegees, brushes or sharp instruments as they may damage the UV protective coating.

Polygal Sheets can be cut and drilled using standard wood working tools.

  • Cutting – standard circular, jig, or table saw with a blade having 8-12 teeth per inch. Thinner gauges can be cut with a box knife.
  • Drilling – standard wood drill bits. Trimming – standard box cutting knife.

Self Extinguishing – when flame source is removed.
Emit – carbon monoxide & carbon dioxide gas when burning (the same as red oak in a fire place).

More information can be found in our Polygal Multiwall Polycarbonate User Guide.

Polygal Sheets are usually cold formed, and MUST be thermoformed if a radii less than the minimum radii for cold forming is desired. When cold forming Polygal Sheets, the sheets are always bent along the length (direction of flutes) and the length must be greater than sheet width. The minimum cold form radii are shown below.

  • 4.5mm (3/16”) – 2’ 4” (0.71m)
  • 6mm (1/4”) – 3’ 5” (1.05m)
  • 8mm (5/16”) – 4’ 7” (1.40m)
  • 10mm (3/8”) – 5’ 9” (1.75m)
  • 16mm (5/8”) – 9’ 2” (2.79m)
  • 16mmTC – 13’ 0” (3.96m) Triple Clip System
  • 25mm (1”) – 14’ 9” (4.50m)

Do seal sheet ends with solid and vented tape; always – it is a must do.
Do call for technical assistance – 800-537-0095.
Do pre drill & pre cut sheets prior to installation, & blow out sheet flutes with high pressure air prior to taping.


Don’t store sheets in direct sun light.
Don’t walk on sheets, especially when installed.
Don’t expose Polygal Sheet to solvents or other chemicals.
Don’t use any PVC based material below duromator 80 as PVC will attack polycarbonate.

  1. Field verify all dimensions and make sure all panels are trimmed and or cut to size.
  2. Make sure all flutes are clear of dust or debris. The use of high pressure air or shop vac can help with this step.
  3. Tape the exposed ends with our breathable filter tape which prevents further dust, dirt or debris from entering the inside of the sheets.
  4. Remove plain bottom masking from the bottom of the panels and wipe down with an anti-static solution (Novus is an approved provider).
  5. Install profiles and sheets.
  6. Remove printed masking from the top of the panels immediately after install. Wipe down top surface with an anti-static solution.

Our Installation Page can provide some additional resources to help you get started.

Exterior Applications – flutes must always run vertical or parallel with the slope. This allows any condensation build up, caused by different surface temperatures on the interior and exterior surfaces, to drain (weep) out of the flutes of the sheet.

Interior Applications – flute direction is not an issue since the sheet surfaces are almost always the same temperature, and condensation should not be an issue.

  • Any silicone used must be 100% silicone and cannot contain a PVC base.
  • GE Ultrapruf II SCS2902 or DOW 795
  • Always check with the silicone manufacturer/supplier to insure their product is compatible with polycarbonate sheets.

More information can be found in our Chemical Compatibility Chart

  • Urlane #5774 & Urlane #5776
  • Weld-On 55
  • GE RTV108 & Construction 1200
  • Attach sheets mechanically
  • Always check with the supplier of these adhesives to insure compatibility with polycarbonate sheets.

More information can be found in our Chemical Compatibility Chart

  • Any paint used must be compatible with polycarbonate and free of solvents which will attack the sheet.
  • It is highly recommended to check with the supplier of the paint to insure that not only is the paint compatible with polycarbonate but also to verify the nature of the application is conducive with the type of paint being used.

More information can be found in our Chemical Compatibility Chart

Polygal will NOT accept material for return that has been cut to special sizes or is NOT in saleable condition. Please contact our CSR department for more information regarding our RMA policies.

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