Transparent Plazcryl acrylic sheets (PMMA) and Monogal polycarbonate (PC) sheets can be used to fabricate windscreens for boats, golf carts, motorcycles, and motorcycle helmet visors. These transparent sheets are ideal for windscreens because of their excellent optical qualities, their strength and their durability, even when driving in the worst weather conditions.

windshield of RV

Transparent Shutters

Monogal transparent sheets are made from polycarbonate (PC) and are suitable for the fabrication of protective screens and shutters. They have excellent transparency and high clarity and light transmission. They can be treated with a UV protective layer on one or both sides, and they are highly flame resistant. Because they weigh half as much as glass, they are easy to machine, handle and install. They are also very strong and impact-resistant – virtually unbreakable in fact.

clear wall outside on a sunny day

Industrial Translucent Sheets

Industrial translucent sheets are recommended for a wide range of industrial uses. They are available in a range of colors and thicknesses and can be used for optical equipment, light fittings and windows. These sheets are light and easy to handle, and manufactured to a high quality specification.

clear polymer magazine rack

Sanitary Equipment Manufacturing

Polystyrene sheets known as Plazgal GPPS and acrylic sheets known as Plazcryl are the material of choice for the manufacture of translucent shower cubicle doors, partitions, sliding doors, bathroom windows and other furniture elements. They are offered in a variety of different finishes and colors, with a range of surface embossing designs that allow for different degrees of transparency and screening.

designer sinks

Vandalism Protection

For the fabrication of impact resistant and vandal-proof equipment, we recommend Monogal transparent plastic sheets. Made from polycarbonate (PC), these sheets are extremely strong and impact-resistant, as well as light and transparent. These qualities make them ideal for use in security shields, protective eye goggles, helmet visors, and any transparent element required to protect security vehicles and cameras.

security camera inside clear ceiling globe

Workshops and Art Galleries

The Plazit Polygal Group offers a wide range of plastic sheets made from different polymers: acrylic (Plazcryl and Plazcast), polycarbonate (Monogal) and polystyrene (Plazgal), which can all be used in the fabrication of different display devices. They are manufactured in a range of colors and thickness, and can be easily bent, cut or heat-treated. They are recommended for POS promotional displays, lighting features, and for displaying artworks in museums and galleries.

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