multi colored polymer sheets


Corrugated Polycarbonate

To give solid polycarbonate sheets additional stiffness to resist wind and snow loads, Plazit Polygal Group produces corrugated polycarbonate sheets under the brand Corrugal.


A wide range of colors, excellent optical properties, large variety of shapes, and easy installation features. All products are co-extruded with a UV protection layer.


  • Covering for greenhouses,
  • Small architectural forms,
  • Skylights in industrial buildings
  • Pergolas

Corrugal Light Transmission

Corrugal Light Transmission properties chart

Type Profile Shape Thickness (MM) Width (MM) Length (M)
Corrugal Sinus 76/18 0.5-1.2 810-1100-1260 1.5-11.80
Corrugal Greca 76/18 0.6-1.2 970-1260 1.5-11.80
Corrugal Big Wave 177/51 0.8-1.2 920-1100 1.5-11.80

spacing diagram

awning cover with poly sheets

poly sheet sizing chart

clear awning over walkway

sizing chart

clear awning over walkway

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