Sports Facilities

They admit maximum natural light into the hall, and provide thermal insulation to help keep internal temperatures constant and save energy in the winter. You may also find transparent partitions made from Monogal polycarbonate sheets and Plazcryl acrylic panels, because they are transparent enough to let you watch the match, and strong enough to withstand the impact of balls and players!

sports arena interior

Industrial Buildings

They allow plenty of natural light into the building, saving on lighting costs and creating a more pleasant and productive atmosphere for workers.The high standard of thermal insulation provided by multi-wall sheets helps to save energy when heating the buildings. Sheets can also be treated with infra-red radiation filters to prevent overheating in the summer. Because they are light, these plastic roofing sheets allow for wide
coverage without the need for supporting beams, which reduces construction costs.”

white building with black decorative lines

Public Space Design

Polygal sheets are easy to fit and to repair, making them ideal for skylights of all shapes, including domes, arches, pyramids and curtain walls, making every space a work of art. Because of their light weight they make it easy to construct roofs over large areas. Their excellent thermal insulation qualities and options for radiation filtering coatings help to keep those areas warm in winter and cool in summer.

skylight in commercial building