Polygal Architectural | Multiwall Sheet


In good architectural planning elements of the environment in which the structure will be placed must be taken into account. In outstanding architectural planning, the environment becomes an integral part of the structure.


Polygal sheeting harnesses nature to create the interior atmosphere by enlisting nature’s qualities for the creative process. Realizing that the creative process in building depends on the ability to adapt the materials for the design concept, Polygal offers architects a raw material that is like putty in their hands – almost any idea, however crazy it may be, can be implemented.


The unique advantage of Polygal sheeting allows the architect to create a sense of openness and flow while maintaining stability and strength for years to come.


These sheets come in a wide range of colors and are between 6 mm and 16 mm thick. They are flexible with different levels of transparency, provide insulation, withstand harsh weather conditions and are easily installed.

Polygal sheeting provides solutions in a number of areas such as transportation projects, public and commercial buildings, open passageways, pools, verandahs, interior design elements, display windows, display areas, exhibitions, signs, etc.


  • 6MM, 8MM, 10MM, 16MM Standard Grade (sg)
  • 8mm Triple Clear
  • 16mm Titan Sky
  • 16mm SelectoGal (RFX)
  • Thermogal 25mm, 35mm
  • Tri-Clip System

multi colored polymer sheets