multi wall panel


Multi Wall Panel System

Plazit Polygal introduces the next generation of polycarbonate sheets: Polygal Topgal, the standing-seam panel system.

Backed by 35 years of experience that began with the world’s first multi wall polycarbonate sheet, our Topgal panels and components combine to offer more rigidity, thermal insulation, strength and solar heat control than our standard sheets and profiles

Manufactured in 23.62 and 39.29 inch widths (center to center) and in thicknesses from 8mm (5/16 in.) to 20mm (3/4 in.) Available in standard colors as well as special color layers that selectively reflect solar radiation.

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Panel Thickness (mm) Width (inch) Weight (lbs./ft.2) U-Value


Minimum Radius for

Cold Bending Arches

8mm thick panel 8 23.62 0.39 0.42 70
10mm thick panel 10 23.62 0.45 0.37 78
16mm thick panel 16 39.29 0.61 0.32 125
20mm thick panel 20 39.29 0.66 0.26 157
Color 8mm/10mm LT (%) 8mm/10mm SHGC* 16mm/20mm LT (%) 16mm/20mm SHGC*
Clear 65 0.6 49 0.51
Ice 20 0.36 14 0.32
Bronze 30 0.5 30 0.39
Blue 30 0.59 30 0.43
Polyshade Silver 12 0.27 10 0.26

Standard Topgal panels have UV protection on both sides.

LT – Light Transmission in % according to ASTM D-1003, measured between ribs.

SHGC – Solar Heat Gain Coefficient* is the ratio of solar heat gain through the sheet and the incident solar radiation. It takes into account all conduction, convection and radiation effects involved.

* The lower this number, the more solar heat is being blocked.

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