Sungal™ | Lightweight Corrugate Polycarbonate Sheet

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Rigid yet lightweight, Sungal™ corrugated polycarbonate sheets provide superior strength, light transmission, flexibility and weather resistance characteristics. Sungal™ is the panel of choice for greenhouse constructions, due to its light transmission, profile structure, ability to withstand extreme temperatures without degradation and long service expectancy.

Sungal’s special properties make it useful in continuous lighting surfaces, partition walls and public shelters. In fact, Sungal™ can be used anywhere where external light is used for internal lighting purposes. D.I.Y.’ers have come to appreciate Sungal’s wide-ranging uses in various home projects.

Sungal™ sheet advantages:

  • High Impact Resistance – vir tually unbreakable.
  • Lightweight – less than half the weight of glass.
  • Highly Transparent – provides 90% light transmission.
  • Weather Resistance – sheets retain their properties for years, under severe weather conditions.
  • Easily Installed – Sungal™ sheets are easy to work with; no special tools required.
  • Easily Cleaned.
  • Flammability – Low flammability, and no toxic gas emissions during burning.
  • Warranty – Sungal™ sheets are guaranteed against yellowing and light transmission loss for 10 years.
Technical Specifications:
Product NameSungal greaca 76
Standard Length1.5 – 11.6 (m)/ 5′ – 38′
Standard Width1260 (mm)/ 49.6″
Standard colorsTransparent: clear
Opel: whith, diffuser

Sungal™ sheets are available in these formats:

  • Sungal™ – Corrugated polycarbonate sheet with UV protective layer on one side.
  • Sungal Anti-fog – Corrugated polycarbonate sheet with UV protective layer on one side and condensation drainage treatment applied to the interior side.
  • Available in clear or Embossed.

Sungal™ Applications:

  • Agricultural applications include: Commercial greenhouses and other structures which depend on the material’s special light transmission and other properties.
  • Construction and Industrial applications: Architectural structures, industrial plants, public buildings, skylights, canopies (swimming pools, car parks, etc.), partition walls, walkways and other applications.
  • Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y.) applications: Skylights, canopies, awnings (porches, verandas, parking shelters, etc.), partitions and other applications.