Selectogal (RFX) 16 mm (5/8″) | 16mm Multiwall | Polycarbonate

Selectogal (RFX) 16 mm (5/8″) | 16mm Multiwall | Polycarbonate2018-11-28T15:35:39+00:00
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In nature the sun’s light and warmth are an integral part of life, making it more pleasant when we bask in its bright and warming rays. Polygals’ Selectogal panels allow us to experience the wonders of nature and shape its joie de vivre, when you use Selectogal, you are surrounded by aesthetic beauty. Selectogal’s special construction markedly reduces the level of heat during summer while allowing maximum penetration of solar energy during winter.

Available in 16 mm thick sheets, Polygal’s Selectogal is easy to install, long lasting, offers an aesthetic roofing solution and can be used for interior design and projects as well.

  • Energy savings through effective heat screening
  • Bright, Glass-like look
  • Virtually unbreakable
  • Rigid sheet structure provides extra strength under wind and snow loads.
  • Recommended Uses: Skylights, conservatories, solariums and verandas,interior applications as a functional/decorative element, atria, sports facilities, airports
Technical Specifications
Thickness16 mm (5/8″)
Weight3 kg/m2 (0.62 lb/ft2)
Standard width1.05 M (47.25″)
Min radius for cold bending arches2.8 M (9′ 2″)
U-factor ASTM-C-1772.3 W/M2 · °C (0.41 Btu/hr · ft2 · °F)
Light transmission ASTM D-1003 (%)clear 75
bicolor* 32