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Rainbow | Special Optical Affects | Color Affects2018-11-28T14:40:57+00:00
Harmony in nature can be found in unique combinations of opposites – heat and cold, birth and death, cruelty and gentleness, sunshine and rain, and many more; almost everything has two contrasting sides.

This is an integral part of nature, and it is exactly this beauty of nature that Polygal is able to offer you with its new product – Rainbow.

Special optical affects in Polygal’s Rainbow sheets combine with the angle of the light to change the sheet color (e.g. from red to green), thus the Rainbow sheets by Polygal present a unique harmony that is both dynamic and varied.

Available in 8 mm thick sheets, Rainbow by Polygal is flexible, heat resistant, easy to install, and can be used for a variety of installations such as:

  • bus stops and train stations
  • shopping malls
  • screens and partitions
  • roofing
  • stage design
  • display areas
  • exhibitions and many more.

purple and green plastic panels

Technical Specifications:
Thickness 8
Weight (kg/m 2 )1.5
Minimum Radius for Cold Bending arches (m) 1.4
U-factor by ASTM C177(W/m2 ·°C), Window 4.1 3.3
Light Transmission ASTM D-1003 (%) 15
Shading Coefficient (SC), Window 4.1 0.5
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) ASTM E-903 0.43