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PP Multi Wall Sheets

  • Moisture – resistant and waterproof
  • Highly resistant to mechanical damage
  • Outstanding strenght/weight ratio
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals
  • An excellent medium for printing
  • Can be easy cut, marked and folded using home tools
  • Long lasting
  • Recyclable



Signs – Outdoor and indoor illuminated signs
Displays – Exhibitions, commercial and industrial displays, etc.
Products – boxes, teaching aids, advertising aids, agricultural products – planters, flower boxes, etc.
Packaging – packages for special products, reusable packaging for food, pharmaceuticals, fragile materials, chemicals, trays, electronics etc.

UV Protection (optional)

Polygal PP Structured Sheets can be manufactured with protection against UV solar radiation by the addition of UV absorbing material.

Fire Retarding (optional)

A fire-retarding additive can be added to the sheet so that the flame retardancy level meets stringent standards. Polygal PP structural sheets meet UL 94 HB.

Surface Corona Treatment (optional)

The treatment level (printing surface quality) of the Polygal PP structural sheets is measured according to ASTM D-2578. The standard level is 38 dyne/cm.

Service temperature: -5ºC to +85ºC

Thickness (mm) Weight (g/m²)
2.5 350 (400, 450)*
3 500 (550, 600)*
3.5* 550*
4 800 (700, 750, 1000)*
5 1000 (900, 950)*
6 1500

* Nonstandard weight, depends on special order

Material Properties Unit Test Method Value
Density g/cm³ ASTM D-1505 0.9
Water absorbtion % ASTM D-570 0.03
Thermal expansion* m/m•ºC 0.000135
Flexural modulus of elasticity MPa ASTM D-790M 1150
Tensile strength at yield % ASTM D-638M 24
Elongation at yield % ASTM D-638M 13
Izod impact, notched at 23ºC* J/m ASTM D-256 550
Izod impact, notched at -20ºC* J/m ASTM D-256 60
H.D.T. 0.46 MPa* ºC ASTM D-648 85

* Value of thermal coefficient miltiply by TºC for thermal expansion calculation

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