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Low Flammability Solid Polycarbonate Sheets

Monogal F extruded polycarbonate sheet offers high impact resistance with enhanced UV and fire-resistant properties. Monogal F has superior clarity, is half the weight of glass, and is virtually unbreakable. Monogal F sheets are ideal for applications requiring high temperature resistance including automotive, aerospace, electrical housings and covers, lighting, machinery and safety and construction.

Gauges.080″ – .236″
Standard SizesLength: 96″Widths: 48″, 60″, 72″
TolerancesGauge ±5% (Gauges: .080” – .236”)Width & Length, Standard: .000” (Minimum) .250” (Maximum)
Availability48” – Generally Common Stock60” / 72” – Contact customer service for availability
Packaging InformationAvailable in 1⁄2 pallet and full pallet quantities
Masking InformationStandard Monogal PE film Two (2) sidesAdditional Monogal-F identification strip
General PropertiesMethodUnitsValue
DensityASTM D 792g/cm31.2
Light transmission (Depending on thickness)ASTM D 1003%81 – 90
Refractive indexASTM D 5421,585
Tensile Strength at yieldASTM D 638PSI9,300
Tensile ModulusASTM D 638PSI335,620
Elongation at breakASTM D 638%>100
Flexural StrengthASTM D 790PSI13,450
Flexural ModulusASTM D 790PSI338,690
Rockwell hardnessASTM D 785M-scale70
Impact resistant – Izod Notched @0.125″ASTM D 256ft.lbs/in18
Heat Deflection Temperature Under Load of 264 PSIASTM D 648oF270
Vicat softening temp (50N)ASTM D 1525oF290
Coefficient of Thermal conductivityASTM D 177BTU-in/hr-ft2 x oF0.2
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion – parallelASTM D 696in/in oF3.8 x 105
Flame Class @.080UL-94V-0
FAA FlammabilityFAR 25.853
080” – .236”Part 1. a (i) – 60 secPass
080” – .236”Part 1. a (ii) – 12 secPass
Volume ResistivityASTM D 257Ω x cm8.2 x 1016
Surface Resistivity, dryASTM D 257Ω6 x 1015
Dissipation Factor 1MhzASTM D 1500.009
Dissipation Factor 100HzASTM D 1500.0006
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