The Polygal Hurricane Shutter System is a mid-range cost alternative for home/apartment dwellers who want to rely on a certified hurricane protection system.

Tested & Certified (FBC FL5755, #7973 and #7974)
Allows natural light while protecting windows and doors
Off the shelf components eliminating long order lead times
Affordable and easy to install
Light weight and made from high impact polycarbonate sheet.

Polygal’s 16mmSG sheet and profile system, when fabricated and installed per our published fabrication and installation instructions (attached file below) brings a new dimension to the Hurricane Protection Market. This is a significant advance in the hurricane products market since the sheet and profile systems are “off the shelf” and will not be sold to distribution at additional cost as “hurricane protection.” The pricing for both products will remain at our individual distributors’ standard pricing. Since there is no additional cost to the distributor, the consumer will benefit as well.

Florida Building Code APPROVAL NUMBER.

Resource PDF’s

Stormguard Panels Installation Instructions
Stormguard System Installation instructions
Hurricane Shutter Brochure
FL7973 Hurricane Shutter Test Report
FL7974 Hurricane Shutter Test Report
FL5755R-1 Hurricane Shutter Test Report
FBC HVHZ approvals

Texas Department of Insurance
SHU 142
SHU 155
ShU 156