Multi-Wall Sheet Frequently Ask Questions

1. What is Multi-Wall Sheet?

2. What Are the Main Features & Benefits?

3. What Are Typical Applications?

4. What are Polygal Sheet Products?

5. What are Polygal Product Selection?

6. What are the Types of Glazing Systems?

7. Are Polygal Sheets Strong?

8. Does Polygal Sheet Have Good Thermal Value?

9. What Is the Weight of Polygal Sheet?

10. What are Standard Colors of Polygal Sheet?

11. Can I get Special Colors?

12. What is the Light Transmission of Polygal Sheet?

13. What are Typical In Stock Polygal Sheet Sizes?

14. Can I get a Non-Stock Width?

15. Do Polygal Sheets Have A Warranty?

16. Are Polygal Sheets Flammable?

17. How Do I Store & Care for Polygal Sheets 18.How do I Store Polygal Sheets?

19. What is the purpose of Protective Films?

20. How do I Clean Polygal Sheets?


21. Do I need Special Tools to Cut & Drill the sheets?

22. How are Polygal Sheets Bent (Formed)?

23. What are Important Dos & Don’ts?

24. What are Typical Installation Steps?

25. What is the Correct Orientation for Flutes?

26. Why do the sheets need to be taped?

27. Are There Special Silicones To Use?

28. Are There Special Adhesives To Use?

29. Are There Special Types of Paints to Use?

30. What Are some Similar Competitive Products?

31. What makes up a Typical Sale?

32. Who must pay Freight Charges?

33. Is there a Crate Charge?

34. What is the minimum order size?

35. What If I need to Return Material?

36. When do I recommend PC vs. Aluminum profiles?

37. What are standard purlin & rafter spacing?

38. When should I use silicone sealers?

39. What are minimum radii for cold forming of sheets?

40. What if I still have doubts?