LEED Sustainability Information

Polygal sheets are produced at the Ramat Hashofet, Israel production facility of Polygal Plastics Industries Ltd. The sheets are produced from polycarbonate plastic and are completely recyclable; Polygal sheets and profiles are commonly post-consumer recycled for use in the production of other non-Polygal products. In order to maintain the high quality standards required by our customers Polygal uses only in-house recycled materials in production.

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Polygal believes excellence to be a fundamental condition for its existence as a company and aspires to be among the industry leaders in quality and reliability. We are committed to providing high-quality products that meet or exceed our customers’ requirements and expectations. To further this goal, Polygal has adopted international standards ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and various engineering standards (where applicable) and strives for constant improvement of products, service and environmental impact.

Polygal also recognizes its responsibility as an industrial manufacturer to protect the environment and prevent pollution or waste of natural resources and to this end maintains ongoing environmental management of all activity. Polygal is a “GREEN” ISO 14001 certified company.

The thrust for the development of an environmental management system and the supporting audit program came as a result of the Rio Summit on the Environment held in 1992. ISO 14001 is not only the most well known, but is the only ISO 14000 standard against which it is currently possible to be certified by an external certification authority and was first published in 1996. Polygal’s date of initial approval for ISO 14001 was November 5th 1998, just two short years after international implementation, and currently holds License No. 41295.

All of Polygal’s products are 100% recyclable and can be reground and remanufactured into countless types of consumer products from construction demolition feed stocks and thus not increase land fill waste.

It is vitally important that everyone, every business, and every manufacturer be engaged in environmental protection. The internationally accepted proof of environment and natural resource protection is to be ISO 14001 Certified. Polygal is.

For comments, or questions concerning Polygal ISO 14001 Certification, please contact Mr. Eddy Goldberg