6-35 Aluminum Glazing System

6-35 Aluminum Glazing System2018-08-17T13:20:31+00:00
Polygal’s 6-35 Glazing System is a large-span clamping system specially developed for glazing applications using 6-35 mm thick Polycarbonate structured sheets. Sheets are mounted on the system’s load-bearing elements during construction of transparent and semi-transparent roofing.

The system’s large rabbet depth (30 mm overlap) makes sheet fastening easier, and prevents glazing failures due to wind and snow loads or thermal expansion.

For humidity conditions, the Base Profile (No. 307) is designed with drainage channels to collect condensation droplets from the interior surface of the Polycarbonate sheets. Profile No. 310 provides support against the purlin, perpendicular to the direction of the sheet ribs, and channels the condensation droplets towards the rafters and the lower channels of Profile No. 307. To Ensure the dropper flow of the droplets from Profile No. 310 to Profile No. 307, two 90ยบ cuts should be made.

Profile No. 308 is designed to cover the screw attachment area

and is easily installed using a rubber mallet.

The Edge Profile (No. 311 – 314) provides a ventilation gap.

Drainage holes should be drilled.

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